Bonus Materials

This section contains lots of information that, hopefully, you will find informative and useful, for example:

Did You Know?

158 slides containing a range of information about stress, for example:

Famous people talk about stress

109 slides, for example:

Links to video clips, including:

Stormzy talks about depression

Freddie Flintoff and Professor Green talk about anxiety and depression

Sarah Taylor, England World Cup winning cricketer, talks about anxiety and panic

Deepika Padukone, film actor, talks about depression

Emma Stone on what she would tell her younger, anxious self

George Ezra talks about anxiety

Ian Thorpe, Olympic champion swimmer talks about dealing effectively with his depression


300 beautiful images on a rolling slideshow to immerse yourself in, for example:

People talk about stress

19 slides of people talking about how stress affects them and offering tips about dealing with it, for example:

The black dog (of depression)

25 images taken, with kind permission from Robinson, from the brilliant ‘I had a black dog’ by Matthew Johnstone and ‘Living with a black dog’ by Matthew and Ainsley Johnstone. You can see the World Health Organisation videos, based on these books, in the Session Reviews.
Here are four examples: