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Benefits of the Enhanced Zone

The Enhanced Zone has been created for those individuals who want to arm themselves with even more weapons they can use to fight back against their stress. With your own login, all your personal information will be kept strictly confidential.

In addition to all the Free Zone materials, the Enhanced Zone offers access to:

Enhanced Booklets

You can stream longer, more informative booklets and, for some sessions, supplements that focus on particularly important themes, e.g. in Session 4, see how Vinay combines his new skills to cope with a stressful event.

Session Reviews

After each session, you have the chance to go over what you have learned. As you will know, stress can badly affect concentration and memory. So, you may find you struggle to remember a lot of the information in the sessions.

The booklets help a lot here, but the Enhanced Zone offers interactive reviews of each session including video taken from Stress Control Online, with kind permission of my partners in India, Silver Oak.

Session Quizzes

Either before or after doing the Session review, you can take the quiz; answer ten questions covering the most important aspects of that session. The site will calculate your score to help you make sure you have picked up the information you need to get you into your best shape to become your own therapist.

Relaxation & Mindfulness

We offer much greater choice than in the versions of the Free Zone tracks with, e.g. longer or shorter versions, with or without background music. Some tracks allow you the choice of a male or female voice and there are some bonus tracks – different types of relaxation and mindfulness.

You can personalise some of your relaxation by setting your own breathing pace and setting the duration of the relaxation. There are video relaxation options.

There are also links to relaxing music tracks chosen by Jim White. You can also access all the tracks on the Stress Control app as part of Enhanced Zone fee.

Self Assessment Zone

In order to help you set your goals and monitor your progress, you can complete, as often as you want, 4 questionnaires measuring anxiety, depression, wellbeing and alcohol use.

The site will feedback your results, make sense of them and, if you want to complete the measures again, will plot your progress.

Bonus Materials

Here you can watch PowerPoint slideshows giving you information about all aspects of mental health. You can watch the ‘Black Dog’ of depression and read about how people describe their own stress. You can watch videos of famous people – from Stromzy to Ricky Hatton to Dwayne Johnston and many more talk about their issues with stress and how they deal with them. And, if you just want to switch off for a while, there are slideshows of beautiful landscapes to immerse yourself in.


It costs £20 for a six-month passport to the Enhanced Zone.
If you would like to do this, please click here.

Enhanced Booklets

We offer more detailed booklets and, with supplements, the chance to go, in much greater detail, into particular aspects of the skills you are learning about.




Preparing for the class

Welcome to Stress Control



What is Stress?



Know Your Enemy



First Steps



The Sessions

Controlling Your Body



(Fight/Flight Supplement)



Controlling Your Thoughts



(Big 5 Challenge Supplement)



(Interpretation Supplement)



Controlling Your Actions



Viany's Supplement



Controlling Panicky Feelings



getting a good nights sleep



Boosting Your Wellbeing



Controlling Your Future



Session Reviews

As soon as possible after attending a session, you should go online and revise that session. All the sessions are introduced, on video, by Jim White. The review will go over the main points of the session, show you many of the PowerPoints used in the session, and will get you involved in interactive tasks, e.g. in Session 1 sorting signs and symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress.

You will be able to watch/listen to any video/audio used in the session and hear people describe their problems. To further help retain this information, you will be able to access some of ‘Stress Control online’ package by kind permission of my partners in India, Silver Oak.

Session Quizzes

The Session quizzes should be used alongside the Session reviews. Each session has a ten-question quiz that covers the most important aspects of that session. This is an interactive task and the site will offer a range of options. If you get it wrong, it will offer the correct answer to make sure you are in best shape for becoming your own therapist. At the end of each quiz, the site will tell you how well you have picked up the important points.

Please note, only you have access to your answers.

Relaxation & Mindfulness

Relaxation is a very personal thing – what suits one person doesn’t suit another. So, in the Enhanced zone, you can access a much greater range of tracks to let you decide what works best for you. You will see that the belly breathing skills are so important but, as we all don’t breathe at the same speed, the Enhanced zone allows you to set the rate of breathing that best suits your needs. You can also set the duration of the relaxation too.

All these tracks are also available on the Stress Control app (included in your Enhanced zone fee). The male voice versions are provided by Dr Jim White. The female voice versions are provided by Dr Ruth Jamieson, Clinical Psychologist. All Free Zone recordings are by Jim. Finally, the Enhanced zone offers personal recommendations from Jim to links to particularly relaxing music.




Belly Breathing

Full belly breathing (voice-only)

Full belly breathing (music background)

Full belly breathing (music background) (Ruth)

Short belly breathing

Deep Relaxation

Deep relaxation (voice-only)

Deep relaxation (music background)

Deep relaxation (music only)

Quick Relaxation

Quick relaxation (voice-only)

Quick relaxation (music background)

Quick relaxation (music only)

Mindful breathing

Full mindful breathing (voice-only)

Full mindful breathing (background music) (Jim)

Full mindful breathing (background music) (Ruth)

Quick mindful breathing (voice-only) (Jim)

Quick mindful breathing (music background) (Jim)

Quick mindful breathing (music background) (Ruth)

Music only

Leaves in the stream

Leaves in the stream (voice-only)

Leaves in the stream (voice-only) (Jim)

Leaves in the stream (voice-only) (Ruth)

Leaves in the stream (background music) (Jim)

Leaves in the stream (background music) (Ruth)

Music only

Video version (Jim)

Video version (Ruth)

Video only

Bonus tracks

Body Scan (music background) (Jim)

Floating visualisation (music background) (Jim)

Links to relaxing music

10 suggestions

Self Assessment Zone

The Enhanced zone offers four of the most reliable and valid questionnaires used by therapists.
All the questionnaires are scored by the site and the results fed back to you.

Your score will be plotted on a graph to show exactly in which category your score lies.
You can complete the questionnaires as often as you like and can check your progress against previous scores.

General Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

These 7 questions assess how much anxiety may be playing in your stress.

The site will calculate your score and show where this places you in one of four categories:

Minimal anxiety
Mild anxiety
Moderate anxiety
Severe anxiety

Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ)

This questionnaire measures depression.

Your score can be placed in one of these categories:

Minimal depression
Mild depression
Moderate depression
Moderate to severe depression
Severe depression

The site will also offer specific advice if your level of distress is particularly high.

Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale (WEMWBS)

This 14-item questionnaire has three categories:

Languishing (‘Existing’)
Flourishing (‘Thriving’)

Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT)

This 10-item questionnaire, developed by the World Health Organisation, will let you check if your alcohol intake might be a problem and, as a result, may be making your stress worse. If so, tackling your drinking issues can then help you control your stress more effectively (and vice-versa).

The categories are:

No/low risk
Increasing risk
Higher risk
Possible alcohol dependence

Bonus Materials

This section contains lots of information that, hopefully, you will find informative and useful, for example:

Did You Know?

158 slides containing a range of information about stress, for example:

Famous people talk about stress

109 slides, for example:

27 links to video clips, including:

Stormzy talks about depression

Freddie Flintoff and Professor Green talk about anxiety and depression

Sarah Taylor, England World Cup winning cricketer, talks about anxiety and panic

Deepika Padukone, film actor, talks about depression

Emma Stone on what she would tell her younger, anxious self

George Ezra talks about anxiety

Ian Thorpe, Olympic champion swimmer talks about dealing effectively with his depression


300 beautiful images on a rolling slideshow to immerse yourself in, for example:

People talk about stress

19 slides of people talking about how stress affects them and offering tips about dealing with it, for example:

The black dog (of depression)

25 images taken, with kind permission from Robinson, from the brilliant ‘I had a black dog’ by Matthew Johnstone and ‘Living with a black dog’ by Matthew and Ainsley Johnstone. You can see the World Health Organisation videos, based on these books, in the Session Reviews.
Here are four examples:

It costs £20 for a six-month passport to the Enhanced Zone.
If you would like to do this, please click here.